Ghost of Tsushima shines in 4K and 60FPS gameplay video


It is not yet known whether Ghost of Tsushima will be improved for PlayStation 5, but a video now shows us what one could expect from a hypothetical next-gen version.

Published by user SnazzyAI, this reconstructed 4K, 60 frames per second footage is absolutely stunning, with an improved framerate that adds an extra touch of magic to Sucker Punch‘s acclaimed open world.

Obviously, the increased framerate gives a smoothness to the movement of the characters and this could be a big advantage for a hypothetical next-gen GOT.

The hope is that Sony will sooner or later announce full-blown PS5 versions of titles like The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, as these beloved games could shine even more thanks to the additional power and features of PS5.

In PS5-related news, we learned some new details about the console and now we know that Sony’s next-gen will be extremely quiet thanks to its cooling system.

What do you think of a Ghost of Tsushima with these performances?



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