Godfall on PS5 in 4K and 120 FPS? Here comes the clarification of the developers


As you may know, the Japanese media are sharing their first impressions of PS5, a console that would be extremely quiet but also quite large.

On top of that, the previews are providing fans with interesting information about the games running on the PS5 and, in particular, a Game Watch report confirmed that Godfall on the PS5 will run in 4K and 60FPS.

Will it really be so? The game’s developers intervened directly to answer this question, providing clarification through Twitter.

In the tweet, we read: ” This is incorrect. Quality control and performance optimization are often the last steps of development before launch and such optimization is currently underway. We will share real numbers when the work is done .”

From what is shared by Counterplay, therefore, the analysis of the game is not correct, however, the study has not ruled out that the title may have such performances at the end of the development cycle.

In related news, we learned that Godfall will not be a live-service but will still require an always-on internet connection.



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