Minecraft will get the big Caves & Cliff update in 2021 with archeology and crystal grottos


On the Minecraft Live 2020, many have been given many innovations known that should enrich the sandbox game next year. The focus is on the gigantic Caves & Cliff update, which should give the exploration of the caves, mountains, and ruins a completely new, magical dimension. You can read here what exactly awaits you in 2021.

Minecraft: The Contents of the Caves & Cliff Update

For over two hours, the developers introduced us to the cool new content for Minecraft. If you don’t want to watch the entire presentation, just check out our clear summary of the upcoming features:

  • Archeology system: In order to be able to tell and experience stories better, archeology will be introduced. Here you can really go on an excavation excursion with your brush and examine ancient ruins for hidden, valuable artifacts.
  • New cave system: Not only is the generation of caves improved, new, rich cave types such as stalactite or crystal caves are also introduced.
  • New blocks: To further equip the lush game world, new materials are also being added, such as the wireless Redstone blocks called Sculkcrystals (amethysts), and copper, which will even show its green signs of age.
  • New Mobs: There will be new creatures to the game, including the Warden as nasty opponents and stubborn mountain goats and sweet axolotl as a new animal world.


  • Powder snow is coming: The snow also receives a bonus with the powder snow block, through which you simply fall through if you cross it.
  • New items: With the big update, you can also craft telescopes and lightning rods and collect your items in bundles to free up space in your inventory.

When will the Caves & Cliff update be released?

The developers have not yet given an exact release date. However, the targeted period is in summer 2021. After the Nether update, the cave and mountain update will bring about the next big changes in “Minecraft” and will of course be available free of charge.




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