PS5: DualSense will have small LEDs that will indicate the number of players connected to the console


Thanks to a recent series of Japanese media previews, a lot of PS5 news has surfaced. For example, we have learned that it will be a very quiet console and now we learn some interesting details about the DualSense.

4Gamer recently released a series of images of the controller and some of them show new details. Apparently, it appears that the DualSense will have lights placed under the touchpad to indicate which player number we will be. Meanwhile, the light strips around the touchpad may have various colors, similar to the DualShock 4 lightbar.

Interestingly, another new detail emerged from these previews (via @ Cheesemeister3k on Twitter): the DualSense will now universally accept the X button for confirmation. This has always been the case in Western markets, but in Japan, the X for confirmation was replaced by the O from the PS1 era. This change is likely not going to be well received by Japanese audiences, especially since Sony doesn’t even seem to provide an option for remapping right now.


In related news, we learned that PS5 will likely have 664GB of usable internal storage.