PS5 protagonist of some previews that reveal the presence of a mysterious bolt


Over the weekend, PlayStation 5 landed in the hands of the Japanese press and YouTuber who then shared their impressions of the console.

Three games were shown in action, including Astro’s Playroom, which comes bundled with the PS5 itself. 4GamerDengeki Online, and AV Watch also got to try Gearbox’s Godfall and Square Enix platform Balan Wonderworld.

But beyond the games, this was the first time anyone actually used the PlayStation 5. And, the console in hand, a mysterious bolt was discovered.

As spotted by 4Gamer and reported by The Verge, a curious metal nut or bolt can be seen when looking into the PS5 case in the upper right. This report suggests that the nut will allow you to remove the exterior of the PS5 to access the inside, where the expandable SSD slot should be hiding. For now, Sony has yet to show how and where inside the console can be accessed.

From these reviews, we also learned that PS5 will be extremely quiet.