PS5: That’s how fast Godfall loads on PlayStation 5


One of the features of the new generation of consoles is the significantly faster loading times, as the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be equipped with SSD storage, which means that long loading times should be a thing of the past from November onwards.

That’s how fast the PS5 Godfall loads

Yesterday some Japanese YouTubers were able to observe how fast the PS5 games can really load during a hands-on session. The two launch titles Godfall and “Astro’s Playroom” were played at an event during YouTube Gaming Week in Japan.

A Twitter video that we have included below these lines shows how quickly the action role-playing game starts on the PS5. After just seven seconds, the player can put his hands on the DualSense controller and start playing.

It remains to be seen whether the speed when loading “Godfall” will be a standard. Either way, this is a big change that many console gamers have longed for over the past few years, and one that Sony and Microsoft are likely to focus on in marketing.

While game developers tended to focus on improving graphics in earlier console generations, the focus of attention on the PS5 & Xbox Series X / S in the coming months and years will be the reduction of loading times.

PS5 fans cannot be heard “

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