Star Wars Squadrons: How Many Missions Are There? How many hours does the single player offer?


If you’ve started Star Wars Squadrons and you’re in the middle of the story campaign, you might have already wondered how many missions the game has in a single player? We have the answer and some additional information.

How many missions are there in Star Wars Squadrons?

To complete the campaign, you have to fly a total of 14 missions. These are all of the main missions that can be assigned to the story. This includes a small prologue that takes place before the actual time of the campaign. The prologue serves as a small tutorial before it goes into full force.

The 14 missions span both sides. So this means that the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire are included. As you have probably already noticed, you rotate between the factions again and again during the story campaign.

These are all 14 missions, without a prologue:

  1. Form yourselves, Vanguard!
  2. The skies of Yavin
  3. Behind enemy lines
  4. Secrets and spies
  5. Desevro’s trail
  6. The imperial jamming signal
  7. Into the abyss
  8. The splintered alliance
  9. The chaos of Mon Cala
  10. Terisa’s retribution
  11. No place
  12. New Republic Rally
  13. The fire in the heart
  14. The last flight of the Starhawk

How many hours does the Singleplayer campaign last?

So how long does the entire campaign last? With 14 missions plus the prologue, we would have a total playing time of 8 to 10 hours on average. Of course, this can vary greatly, depending on how many attempts you need for some control points. But in these hours the story is through.

Worth knowing: If you want a little variety during the missions that you have already flown, for example, you can always adjust your loadout. So some sections can be played completely differently at once, which increases the replay value.

The game doesn’t last too long, but it’s not a full-price title and we have to keep in mind that the campaign can basically also be viewed as an all-encompassing tutorial for multiplayer, where the journey continues after the missions. There is in fact no limit to hours of play

Star Wars Squadrons have already been released, you can buy it for PC, PS4, or Xbox One.



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