Will PS5 have 664GB of available SSD space?


Some new information about the PS5 has surfaced recently and, in the meantime, some interesting details have sprung up. For example, perhaps we now have a much clearer idea of ​​what exactly to expect from the console’s internal memory.

On ResetEra, off-screen photos have emerged that would show the PS5 user interface. One image in particular, which you can see below, appears to show the exact numbers of the console’s internal memory.

It appears, therefore, that the PS5 will have 664GB of usable internal storage, which means that a portion of the internal SSD’s 825GB will be reserved for system files and the console’s operating system.

In comparison, it recently emerged that the Xbox Series X’s 1TB internal SSD would have 802GB of usable storage.

It also appears that Astro’s Playroom will be 2.4GB in size. The platformer will be pre-installed on every PS5.

Recently, another leak would show the console booting and user interface, as well as a black DualSense controller.