PS5 is the DualSense revolution with ‘dynamic adaptive triggers perfect for illustrating complex interactions with objects’


While the PS5 has less computing power than the Xbox Series XSony’s next-gen console offers other benefits such as Tempest audio technology and a completely redesigned controller that has abandoned the DualShock brand to become DualSense.

Many believe that the unique capabilities of the DualSense controller could prove to be the real trump card of the PS5 once it is in the hands of the players. Both the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers have been widely praised by proprietary and third-party game makers, particularly for the increased immersion they provide.

In a Wccftech interview with Starward Industries, the independent studio formed by former CD PROJEKT RED and Techland veterans working on The Invincible, we were asked what they think of the PS5 controller. Again we get an enthusiastic response.

Marek Markuszewski (CEO and Project Lead): ” On PS5 we particularly appreciate the 3D audio and adaptive triggers that provide a better immersion in the experience “.

Mariusz Antkiewicz (Gameplay Designer): ” We are absolute fans of dynamic adaptive triggers. They are perfect for illustrating complex interactions with objects such as machines, tools, and equipment by adding a new angle to enhance the experience. More intuitive and literally tactile gameplay will help a lot. in terms of diving “.

It won’t be long before we all get to try the DualSense controller, as Sony’s PS5 will be available in stores (worldwide) on November 19th.