PS5 and VR: ‘virtual reality must give priority to ease of use over processing power’


While the PS5 will remain faithful to the current PSVR for now, many believe a next-generation VR headset is in Sony’s plans, as the Japanese giant seems to want to continue investing in technology.

But when (or if) a hypothetical PSVR 2 arrives, what improvements should we expect? According to Lewis Brundish of nDreams, game director of Oculus Phantom’s exclusive stealth shooter: Covert Ops, Sony should prioritize ease of use for gamers instead of focusing more on processing power and better visuals.

” I think one of the biggest barriers to entry for new players to virtual reality is the configuration: connecting the cables to the back of the consoles, placing the cameras, etc. ,” Brundish told Gamingbolt in a recent interview. ” Oculus Quest has taken a big step in removing these barriers, and I hope many will follow suit in the future. Creating an experience that is easy to interact with is more important to me than just graphics or processing power .”

It’s hard to disagree with Brundish’s words. Many others have talked about PSVR and how it needs significant updates.

Numerous patents from Sony have suggested that the company could invest in improvements for PlayStation VR, including a wireless headset and controllers similar to Valve Index.