Crucible just five months after its launch has already been canceled by Amazon


Amazon has canceled Crucible, its free downloadable multiplayer action game. Crucible launched in May 2020 with little fanfare, and the number of players dropped soon after. In early June, Amazon “retired” two of its three modes. Then, later that month, Amazon “did not release” the game, bringing Crucible into closed beta in an attempt to save a project in the making.

In a post on the game’s website, developer Relentless Studios said that ” we ultimately didn’t see a healthy and sustainable future before Crucible .” The development team will now move on to work on Amazon’s MMO New World and other upcoming Amazon Games projects. A full refund is available for any purchases made, and in-game credit purchases are now disabled. The servers will remain active for Custom Matches until November 9, 2020.

Crucible was a complete disaster for Amazon’s entry into the video game market. When Crucible was announced in September 2016, it was advertised as a kind of battle royale, a third-person shooter where 12 hunters enter a hostile alien world, but only one comes out victorious. Not only that, but it was also said that since the world was going to be dangerous, players would have to work together and make or break alliances on the fly. Unfulfilled promise since many of the much-vaunted features have not been added and the title has practically become a sort of MOBA.

For now, therefore, focus on New World, which had already been postponed during 2020 and which (perhaps) will arrive next year.