Destiny 2: Beyond the Light is Bungie who aims to recreate the ‘feeling’ of Destiny 1


Bungie is preparing to publish the third major expansion of Destiny 2Beyond the Light, scheduled for November 10, when the next-gen console will be launched MicrosoftXbox Series X, and Xbox S Series.

Luke Smith, the game director of Destiny 2, in an interview with EDGE, discussed the new possibilities offered by this new expansion, such as the power of Darkness, all with a very specific goal: to give the player the feeling of a modern Destiny 1.

” What we are trying to do with Stasi and wielding the power of the Dark is to grant the player more freedom. There is also that meta factor where we make clear the difference between light and dark, but there is also another part, that fantasy of ‘This is my Guardian, there are many like him, but this is mine.’ I think we’re trying to get back to that Destiny 1 feels but updated with our current line of thinking and all systems we are using in Destiny 2. “.

Beyond the Light will “streamline” Destiny 2 by a lot, removing some content and cramming them into a “content vault”, including worlds and missions that were originally paid DLC: in this way, you will have the feeling of a continuous title evolution where nothing can be taken for granted. Smith is aware that such a move, however courageous, can find opposition from numerous fans:

I’m not sure if we’ll ever get the perfect balance right, due to the diversity of our audience. We don’t have an “average” Destiny 2 player. We have data that gives us a general overview, but even that data shows that these players are something that has never been seen in a game like this. I could hear someone say ‘Hey, Destiny 2 this year was so cool’ and then open an internet page and see 55 people complaining about it. You think ‘Oh my God, this is the direction they have taken. We have to resist, ‘but the reality of working on Destiny is that there is always something that can upset your plans. Many times no matter what we believe or our strategy,“.

For better or for worse, Destiny 2 will continue to evolve, to become in the years to come, something that can continue to surprise and amaze. Whether this will ensure the same feeling as the first Destiny, it will be up to the players to determine.

Certainly, the landing on next-gen consoles at 4K and 60 FPS will be a beautiful wonder without a doubt, don’t you think?



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