Godfall will have a lot of endgame content including a roguelike mode called Tower of Trials


GodfallGearbox Software’s looter slasher, will not be a GaaS, a game as a service, but that doesn’t mean that once the story is complete there will be nothing else to do.

Precisely by virtue of its genre of belonging, once the story is complete, several encouragements will be needed to push the player to continue their adventure and get more powerful loot. In these cases, what is needed is a full-bodied and intriguing endgame, which can intelligently extend longevity.

In an interview with Gamebyte, technical producer Dick Heyne discussed the Godfall endgame. What can you do, once you have completed the main adventure, alone or in a co-op?

Heyne has promised that the title will boast a variety of endgame content and activities, focusing in particular on the Tower of Trials, a rogue-like mode composed of different levels, full of enemies with increasing difficulty.

Our aim is to create an endgame that can continue to challenge and reward players. The battle will not end when you defeat Macros. An example of this endgame content is the Tower of Trials, a rogue-like style endgame challenge mode that can be accessed via the Monolith. It can be played alone or in co-op. As you face the challenges and progress with the elevator in the center of the Monolith, the enemies will become more and more powerful. Fortunately, players can get Boons and rewards with their wins. Players will initially be rewarded with keys, a currency specific to the ToT, and which is reset when they exit the mode. Subsequently, with those keys, you can open doors, each corresponding to a different reward.“.

ToT may not be Godfall’s only endgame content, but it still represents an excellent challenge for those who want to go beyond the limits of power and equipment guaranteed by the main campaign. What do you think?

Godfall is expected on PlayStation 5 and PC on November 12th.



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