‘In Baldur’s Gate III stop making boring characters’


Baldur’s Gate III has been available for a few days in early access with the possibility of trying a small fragment of the single-player campaign. What catches the eye for most is the fully functional character editor which, according to Larian, has not been exploited to the maximum by the players.

Despite offering a wide range of Dungeons & Dragons character options to choose from, Larian says Baldur’s Gate III players aren’t making the most interesting choices with the character editor. In a recent update, Larian shared a character image compiled from the most popular choices players have made with the game’s editor, and it’s clear the developer was expecting something a little more imaginative, given that options as horns and tails were available.

The result, however, was a standard human man who would be impossible to spot in a group of other characters: ” Congratulations, you basically created the default villager. What the heck, we gave you horns, even demon tails! disappointed with the result. Experiment! “.

Will Baldur’s Gate III players welcome the advice? We just have to wait and see.



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