Super Mario Sunshine and the disturbing discovery of the Toad trapped forever beneath the map


Super Mario Sunshine recently returned to Nintendo consoles, thanks to the remastered edition released on Switch in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection, which also includes Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.

Now that the spotlight is back on these legendary platformers, someone has seen fit to examine the original versions, to find out if these adventures still have any secrets to be revealed. Incredible but true, despite his venerable age, Super Mario Sunshine still hid a little secret.

Boundary Break, the popular youtube channel that uses glitches and camera hacks to explore the inaccessible world of video games, recently released a new video dedicated entirely to Sunshine. In it, we can admire a large number of unused assets, objects that fly outside the confines of the game, and other interesting details.

But the element that certainly deserves our attention is the sad existence of a Yellow Toad, hidden under the Dolphin Island and isolated from everyone. The character in question appears when Bowser Jr arrives in Piazza Delfino with his submarine: in theory, it should be a side NPC who reacts to Peach’s kidnapping but, for some reason, clips inside the map while the level it loads and disappears from the game.

The Toad is interactable like a normal NPC and has its own dialogue, but since it is under the map, you will never be able to talk to it normally and is destined for a miserable life in solitude.

If you are wondering, yes, this problem is not present within the Switch version, where the Toad appears and remains normally in-game. What can I say, after years spent underground, even a Yellow Toad deserved to see Sunshine’s sun, don’t you think?



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