Xbox Series X focuses on accessibility with a tactile indication that will signal the various doors to the blind


Xbox Series X is full of cutting-edge technologies and gaming news, but sometimes the most important and useful features are also the simplest ones and, unfortunately, the most ignored.

Bryce Johnson , inclusive lead of Microsoft Devices and co-creator of the well-known Xbox Adaptive Controller, revealed on Twitter that the next-gen Xbox Series X console has a little “extra” dedicated to blind people: tactile indicators near the doors. and at the cable entries.

Kaitlyn Jones, the head of these additions and program manager of the Xbox dedicated accessibility team, said that these indicators are different from each other and will ensure easy identification of the various ports through touch. This way, a person will instantly know whether it is a USB port, an HDMI input, or something else.

This is an experimental addition that could become a standard or undergo changes and improvements in the future, but it is still something the Xbox team is very proud of and can’t wait to hear from users.

With the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Microsoft has shown great interest and investment in making the gaming medium accessible to more people and these little braille signals in its next-gen console are simply yet another proof of that commitment.



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