Fortnight has ‘given up’ 73 million IOS users in the battle against Apple


New developments are coming from the legal battle between Epic and Apple, and the latest news doesn’t seem to be good for the developer of Fortnite , who is looking to enact regulation to ensure that the 30% cut Apple takes in its iOS app store comes. modified.

A court has just ruled that for now Apple can’t be forced to put Fortnite back on the app store after it was removed due to breaking the rules, bypassing the 30% cut with an update that allowed direct payment to Epic. But the court also said that Apple cannot take further action against Epic and the entire Unreal Engine, which would cause a lot of collateral damage to non-Epic-owned games and apps.

The court documents reveal some pretty staggering statistics about what Epic gave up to pursue this fight against Apple: of 116 million mobile users on iOS, 73 million have played Fortnite on iOS alone and not on other platforms. Given the removal of the game, therefore, Epic has given up 73 million iOS users.

Both Apple and Epic are touting the victories of the latest ruling, Apple said it was grateful that the court acknowledges that Epic deliberately broke its rules, Epic, for its part, said it was grateful that the court is breaking the law. action against Unreal. Yet moving forward, it looks like this will be an uphill battle for Epic that will have to convince the courts on several fronts.

First, they’ll have to convince the court that the 30% cut is overwhelming and unwarranted when it’s industry standard on Apple, Google, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and countless other similar stores. They will also have to convince the court that Apple is acting “monopolist”.

Apple has repeatedly stated that Fortnite could return to the app store if they simply adhered to their existing policies, but that would require Tim Sweeney and Epic to “bend over” so to speak, and it’s hard to predict this happening.

We will have to continue to monitor the story, but for now the first indications do not seem so favorable for Epic.



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