PlayStation or Xbox? ‘All fanboys are the worst there is. Now they attack me for a tweet from … 2017 ‘


The well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad, famous for his advances in announcements regarding Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, has ended up in the crosshairs of “fans”.

Specifically, this weekend the analyst was targeted by Xbox fans because he had previously said that Microsoft’s gaming division was in a difficult situation. Considering the recent acquisitions, including that of Bethesda, it seems like a statement that, definitely, does not reflect reality.

What is curious enough, is that the numerous criticisms that rained down on the analyst refer to a tweet published 3 years ago! Thinking back to the Xbox situation in 2017, perhaps it wasn’t too much to say that the gaming division was in “bad shape”, with a console that failed to take off in the face of PS4’s overwhelming power.

Following the various criticisms, Daniel Ahmad’s response came: ” Fanboys are the worst thing there is. I was targeted by Sony fanboys because I said Sony showed less than Xbox. Now I am targeted by fanboys. Xbox because I said things weren’t going well … in 2017 “.

With the imminent arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the console war is getting ready to go live and surely the fanboys, uselessly sided with one or the other faction, will ignite the discussion on the new consoles.



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