‘Star Citizen as the Apollo space program’. Chris Roberts unleashes the irony of the network with his high-sounding statements


Through an open letter to fans, Chris Roberts , head of Cloud Imperium Games and the ambitious Star Citizen project, stated that both the space simulator and its standalone single-player mode, Squadron 42, are still far from being. completed.

Squadron 42, in particular, was initially supposed to come out in the 2020/2021 period, but now the new release date is “it will come out when it is ready”, meaning there is no longer a definitive release period. The news immediately created a veil of disappointment among fans and supporters, but Roberts was keen to remember that he has no intention of compromising on his vision and placing an incomplete game on the market. In the speech, he even compared Star Citizen to the Apollo space program, the same one that brought the first humans to the moon, re-proposing the (altered) speech of President John F. Kennedy :

” We chose to make a game of complexity and Star Citizen ambitions not because it was simple, but because we knew it was difficult. We are making a game that I and you have dreamed of since we started with video games, a title that is not I never imagined it was possible for economic and technical problems. Like the man in Kennedy’s Moonshot speech, we have already done a lot in our space race. “

Among the commentators on the official site, Roberts’ high-sounding and hopeful statements were received with enthusiasm and vigor, but just get away from that field and you will find that the network has taken advantage of all this to make fun of the Star Citizen project again.

In addition to the usual allegations of vaporware, scam, and incompetence, some have particularly focused on the statements related to the Star Citizen / Apollo comparison, pointing out that America has managed to get a man to the moon in less time than Roberts is taking. complete his title.

Let’s say that, for the record, even if the timing is almost right (Apollo was born in 1961 and the astronauts landed on the moon in 1969 with Apollo 11), the Apollo space program could count on a much larger budget (156 billions of dollars) than CI Games owns.

Between big ambitions and big delays, Star Citizen will continue to be talked about, for better or for worse. What is your opinion on this? In your opinion, is development actually slowed down by the immense scope of the project, or by other factors?



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