Xbox Game Pass info on Steam is a new browser extension that will prevent you from purchasing games on the Pass


In a world full of subscription gaming services, Xbox Game Pass is certainly the most loved and used. Microsoft’s offering includes not only a large number of Xbox One titles, all downloadable for a small monthly fee but also a decent library of PC titles. This way, everyone has something to play on any platform.

Let’s face it though, keeping track of the games on it can be difficult, and maybe, one day, you might find yourself inadvertently buying a title on Steam that the Xbox offer already guaranteed, leaving you with a duplicate and a slightly lower value subscription.

Well, it will be a problem that will no longer concern you, thanks to a small extension for your browser that warns you if the title you are looking at on Steam is present in the Game Pass catalog for PC or not.

The amateur extension, Xbox Game Pass info on Steamis available for Chrome and Firefox, but how exactly does it work? Quite simply, if you browse the Steam catalog on your browser (not the desktop app), a banner will notify you if the title is currently in the Xbox Game Pass for the PC catalog, as well as the release date from that service. A similar warning also appears in your wish list and searches.

The extension will require you to be logged into your Steam browser account and does not take into account the presence of titles in the Game Pass for console offer. Absolver, for example, is present in the console catalog, absent in the PC one, and, for this reason, the add-on will not report it to you.

This is undoubtedly a nice help if you are a subscriber and loyal to Xbox Game Pass. Obviously, the purchase on Steam or Windows PC will be necessary if you want to continue playing the titles that will leave the service (especially the second if you are fond of the save data), but that will be a problem that will be analyzed in case by case.

What do you think about it? Could such an extension help you not to waste your money unnecessarily?



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