Bella Thorne Celebrates Birthday With Friends

Instagram @bellathorne

Actress and singer Bella Thorne, who starred in the Disney Channel series No Ritmo, celebrated her 23rd birthday this Tuesday (10/13). Even in the midst of the pandemic, she did not stop celebrating. To celebrate the date, he had friends in his mansion.

By Instagram, when posting photos of the night, the model warned: “all were tested for Covid-19 before entering”. When posing with friends, she commented: “What an incredible birthday! My friends are so special ”.

Bella recently created an OnlyFans account, popular in the adult entertainment industry, and broke the platform’s fundraising record. After the debut of her page brought down the platform server, she made $ 1 million in 24 hours. A few days later, it added another $ 1 million, breaking another service record in less than a week of activity. The amount is equivalent to  $11 million.