Baldur’s Gate III is only in early access but there is already a speedrunner who finished it in 7 minutes


Baldur’s Gate III is now available in early access, with a first act that according to Larian Studios keeps players busy for about 25 hours. Most players prefer to complete the first part of the long-awaited RPG, but certainly not Cary “Professor Palmer” Palmer, who completed the first act in just seven minutes.

All this was made possible with a bit of cunning: among them the use of the spell “Jump” which allows the player and his teammates to temporarily triple the jumping distances. In this way the speedrunner was able to bypass all the fights, missions, and companions, ending the game with practically no experience points and remaining at Level 1.

The centerpiece of the run, Palmer said, is the well in the Blighted Village area guarded by goblins. The well essentially leads into the Whispering Depths dungeon, and from there, you get to the final area of ​​the early access version called The Underdark. However, to do this you have to roll the dice and be able to reach the established score, so it is often not sure to succeed on the first attempt.

Of course, there is some controversy as to whether this “counts” as a true speedrun. Palmer doesn’t commit to the game’s storyline at all, not even caring that – as the first act of an unfinished game – Baldur’s Gate III doesn’t really have an ending. As it stands, his speedrun simply takes his character to the endpoint in the game map.

In the future, Palmer plans to adapt his speedrunning process as Baldur’s Gate III expands during Early Access. Only one of the three planned Acts is out at this time, so it’s fair to say that the player will still have a lot of work to do whenever developer Larian releases the other parts of the game.


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