Demon’s Souls Remake will also arrive on PS4 according to the alleged leaks


It seems that the next remake of Demon’s Souls for PS5 could also arrive on PlayStation 4, according to what appeared on the pages of a Hungarian retailer.

The Demon’s Souls remake was announced in June at Sony’s PS5 unveiling event. The title launched ten years ago has undergone an impressive visual update, which is sure to help revitalize the original game.

According to Sony, Demon’s Souls is expected to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but new clues from Media Markt suggest the game could be released on the current console generation. The list shows a launch date set for November 19th, which makes sense considering it’s the international launch date for PS5 and most of its launch titles.

While the Demon’s Souls remake remains mostly faithful to its source material, Sony has already confirmed a few content additions to the game, a handful of new elements that weren’t present in the original that will be bundled with the Digital Deluxe Edition. These include two sets of armor, a shield, a sword, and much more. It is not yet known whether these items will remain exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition or if they will be part of the regular editions of the remake.

judging by the fact that Demon’s Souls doesn’t use any specific innovative solutions found on PS5, other than harnessing the increased hardware power, a PS4 version of the game is entirely possible. Furthermore, the source of the leak is quite reliable, which adds weight to the rumor. But since Demon’s Souls is considered a PS5 selling point as one of its launch titles, the game’s release on current-gen could negatively impact sales of the new hardware.



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