Disco Elysium on console? Sure, here it is … Game Boy!


Disco Elysium, the award-winning indie RPG, will be released on consoles later this year. However, 2020 is about to end and we still don’t have a specific launch date.

However, if you are anxiously awaiting the console version of Disco Elysium, we would like to point out a port you can play now if you still own an old school Game Boy.

From Disco Elysium fan Colin Brannan comes Disco Elysium Game Boy Edition. And as the name suggests, it’s designed to run on a real 1989 Game Boy. There are no colors, very few sounds and everything is fully pixelated.

You can download the ROM from Itch.io and install it on an adaptive cartridge to play on a Game Boy, or you can simply play it on a browser. It also works perfectly on a PC or mobile device.

Below, you can see the first 15 minutes of Disco Elysium gameplay for Game Boy released by IGN:

The port of Disco Elysium on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are expected by 2020.



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