FIFA 21 is the first game in the series to sell more digital copies than physical copies at launch


FIFA 21 saw a steep decline in physical launch sales in the UK compared to FIFA 20, but digital download sales have increased.

Physical launch sales of FIFA 21 in the UK have fallen by more than 42% compared to FIFA 20.

But, according to, download launch sales were up more than 31% from last year.

The impressive digital performance doesn’t quite compensate for the massive drop in physical sales, but EA may have noticed that this is the first time a console FIFA game has sold more digitally than physical. In fact, FIFA 21 digital launch sales in the UK were the largest in the franchise’s history.

Sales of FIFA have traditionally been dominated by physical copies of online stores and retailers.

As a GI note, the overall performance of the game could get even stronger when the game hits PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.


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