Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered coming to Switch in one package


Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy VII Remastered and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will be available in a commercial twin pack version for Nintendo Switch this December. Of course, this version has all the improvements that the games already had in the digital version of Nintendo eShop. Final Fantasy Twin Pack will be available from December 4, 2020 and can already be pre-ordered at select retailers and the Square Enix Store. But that’s not all because the physical version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for PlayStation 4 will be released on the same day.

In addition to a compelling and impressive story, Final Fantasy VII and VIII Remastered offer:

  • 3x Speed ​​Mode: With this mode, the game can be experienced at three times the speed.
  • No Encounters: This feature can be used to turn off random battles, so players can focus on the story undisturbed. Even with random battles turned off, players can still jump to story-relevant battles.
  • Battle Booster Mode that will help you get through the toughest encounters by giving you the ability to maximize HP and MP.



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