PS4 with update 8.00 removes some social features and several fans have not taken it very well


This week, Sony released a new system update for the PlayStation 4, which contained numerous features and improvements. Unfortunately, as much new has been given, a lot has also been taken: the update has in fact removed some features that have been present for years on PS4 and some fans have not taken it very well.

These are not features of great importance in general, but it is undeniable that those who made good use of them will miss them: we are talking about the function of creating Events and the possibility of accessing existing Events. Furthermore, the ability to create private communities from the dedicated app has also been removed. However, it is still possible to access and manage the private communities created to date, so all is not lost.

We do not know why Sony has decided to remove these mainly social functions, as the company has not disclosed any explanations about it. Most likely, those features were being used so little by the community that Sony decided to stop supporting them. Equally plausible is the possibility that these features have been removed in anticipation of the PlayStation 5, which could introduce, in the future, new renewed social functions.

The PlayStation Store has also been renewed and, with the latest update, the possibility of creating a Wish List has also been removed. Here, too, Sony hasn’t stated the reason for this decision, but the upcoming PS5 launch is at the top of the suspect list.

On the web, users have mixed feelings about the loss of these functions, between those who used them intensively and will strongly miss them and those who, on the other hand, is neither hot nor cold.

Which side are you on? Will you miss PS4 communities and events, or do you already have your eyes on PS5 and everything happening on PS4 is now out of your interest?