PS5 shows up in its huge box thanks to Burger King


We knew PS5 is going to be a pretty big console. This was basically confirmed last week when Sony released the machine’s teardown video. Now, however, we can take our first look at the packaging that we will find in stores, and, as we might expect, it is a truly gigantic box.

In what continues to be the weirdest marketing collaboration ever, Burger King has now shown us the box that PS5 will arrive with.

A new video shows select customers unwrapping a PS5 box. Some of these customers hold this box in their hands and give us an idea of ​​its size and yes the packaging is a real behemoth, almost half the size of some of these people who hold it!

In related news, we’ve finally taken a look at the PS5 home and user interface.
PS5 will arrive on November 19th worldwide.



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