Will PSVR 2 for PS5 be a completely wireless headset?


Of the three console makers, Sony is the company that has gone deeper into the emerging VR space with PSVR. In the end, the device proved quite impressive, but just like the technology itself, it seems the world isn’t quite ready for VR yet.

Although there are titles that support headsets, such as Hitman 3, Sony still doesn’t know what the future holds for virtual reality. Although there is no official news at the moment, some rumors may have brought to light something potentially interesting.

As reported by Twitter user Lumen, a code has apparently been found in the PS Remote Play app suggesting some sort of remote play between PS5 and PSVR 2 (or whatever it will be called).

The phrase ” Cannot use a microphone with Remote Play when the VR headset is on ” was detected. This would only really make sense for a future headset, as the current PSVR is wired and the PS5 will have Wi-Fi 6 capabilities for a smoother connection. Obviously, being in the world of rumors, the news must be taken with due caution.

Sony hasn’t talked much about its plans for virtual reality, the company only said they want to make progress in this area. VR still remains a relative niche technology, and it’s still not entirely clear whether it will have a significant future in video games or not.



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