Will Xbox One run Xbox Series X titles with xCloud? Absolutely possible for Phil Spencer


Smart Delivery, backward compatibility, cross-gen titles: these are just some of the tools that Microsoft uses to accentuate the gap between the current generation of consoles and the one to come.

The future Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will certainly be powerful, but not everyone will be able to afford an immediate upgrade to day-one. To those people who will still be tied to their Xbox One and Xbox One X, Microsoft still wants to guarantee a lot of support and a “soft” transition to the new generation.

So soft, in fact, that you may not even need to buy a next-gen console to play its titles. How would all this be possible? Thanks to xCloud.

In a recent interview with KotakuPhil Spencer hinted that, with the launch of xCloud on Xbox One, the console would become capable of running Xbox Series X games via streaming:

” When we think of Xbox One, absolutely, we think cloud gaming is a great way for us to connect generations and allow people to play those games. “

In theory, then, you could use your Xbox One as streaming boxes and play next-gen titles without changing hardware. The theory is tempting, especially if you have powerful connections, but the question now is: when will all this happen?

At the moment, Microsoft is working to bring xCloud to PC and mobile devices, so we will have to wait a bit, before having support on Xbox One. Fortunately, it seems we shouldn’t wait long:

” I don’t think we’re talking about years away. There’s just some work that needs to be done, but we know how to do it. “

What do you think about it? If this scenario became possible and real, would you keep an Xbox One in your home to turn it into a streaming console?



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