Dino Crisis Remake? Not yet but these impressive fanmade concept art might convince Capcom


The next generation of consoles is only a few weeks away: what new IPs and exciting remakes will be waiting for us in this new era? PlayStation will try to correct the mistakes of the past with the remake of Demon’s Souls, this time advertised in a big way, while Microsoft, between acquisition and the other, will favor the birth of new exclusive IPs and the return of great classics like Fable.

Unfortunately, at least in the near future, it seems that we will continue to miss the return of Dino CrisisCapcom’s IP, loved by many fans, has never received a lot of attention from the company, which, after only three chapters, chose to abandon the series to focus full time on Resident Evil.

Capcom is well aware of the high demand: fans continue to send thousands of requests every day and the company just listens, occasionally offering a small cameo to Regina in the form of alternative skins in well-known titles. Many winks, but little substance.

Fortunately, while Capcom cincischia, on the net we can admire the amateur works of fans, between those who dare remake fanmade in Unreal Engine and those who, instead, create real works of art. One such artist is Alexander Forssbergan accomplished illustrator with numerous concept art for video games and TV series on his resume.

Adopting Dino Crisis as inspiration, Forssberg has made some wonderful drawings, pointing to them as concept art of an imaginary remake. Obviously, this does not confirm the existence of a new chapter in the works, but the fanmade works are always useful to stir the spirits and attract the attention of the development houses, so why not share them?

Dino Crisis “ceased” to exist in 2003, with the release of Dino Crisis 3 , a controversial chapter and, in some ways, hated by the community. A remake in RE Engine could offer a new chance to the series and bring it back on track.

For the moment, unfortunately, we can only hope. What do you think about it? Would you be in favor of the Dino Crisis returning to next-gen?



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