PS5 and voice chat recording: Sony’s clarifications arrive


The latest system update for PlayStation 4 has introduced some changes that will, no doubt, be used to pave the way for the arrival of PlayStation 5.

One of these changes is a revised regulation for voice chats, something that many users have greeted with fear and concern: at first reading, it was believed that Sony now had the ability to record private conversations between players, and then intervene. in case toxic phrases or wrong behaviors are detected.

Everyone began to fear for their privacy but, predictably, this was all a simple misunderstanding. The misunderstanding that, however, it has generated so much noise that Sony itself had to intervene in person, with an update on its blog, in which it explains the exact meaning of the new rule.

Catherine Jensen, Head of Global Consumer Experience, explained that PlayStation 5, at launch, will allow players to report misconduct, heard in voice chats. You can record the offending audio part and send it to the Sony moderating team, who will evaluate and decide the most appropriate intervention.

At the launch of PS5, if a PS5 player wants to report abuse, they can include an audio clip of a voice chat, lasting 40 seconds, 20 seconds of the main conversation between the two users, plus 10 seconds before and after that conversation. Only the last 5 minutes of voice chat will be available to users to take advantage of this new reporting system. These reports can be sent via the PS5 console to our Consumer Experience team for moderation, who will listen to it and then take action if necessary. Some reports will not be valid and our team will take advantage of this to offer support, guidance, and education. There will be no possibility to bypass this registration feature because we want all users to feel safe when playing with others online“.

In a nutshell, it is not Sony to record user conversations, but users themselves will extrapolate audio clips from the last 5 minutes of chat, recorded automatically, and then send them to Sony, in order to report abuse and misconduct. A clarification that should reassure many people.

Certainly, having the ability to report people who utter curses and insults in voice chat is a great step forward for moderation and the creation of a cleaner and more tolerant environment. However, the possibility that this system is abused does exist, but we will have to wait for the entry into force of the feature (and, of course, the release of PS5), before we can verify it.



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