Watch Dogs Legion at risk of leaks, hackers threaten to spread the source code


Watch Dogs: Legion will be released on October 29th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with a next-gen version expected just ahead. It was supposed to be a clean and hassle-free launch, but a group of hackers decided to spoil Ubisoft’s plans.

According to reports from ZDNet, a team of hackers, known as Egregor, managed to infiltrate the private networks of Ubisoft and Crytek, stealing various valuable data. Among these data, apparently, there is also the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion.

Egregor is now in a position to blackmail Ubisoft and, to prove that they are telling the truth, they would post about 20MB of that code in their private port of the dark web. The team plans to publish more pieces of code, leading to the public release of the entire code and graphics engine, if they are not contacted by the company soon to begin negotiations.

Although the theft of the Watch Dogs Legion source code is a big deal, their attack on Crytek was even more harmful: Egregor would have managed to install ransomware programs on Crytek systems, which would prevent access or modification of data by the company.

For those unfamiliar with the term, ransomware encrypts an entire system and makes it inaccessible to anyone. Hackers use it to blackmail people, who can only obey if they want to regain access to their data. This is the most “effective” way to blackmail and threaten large companies, which can only comply with requests to avoid major damage to their systems.

In addition to the ransomware, Egregor also managed to steal various Crytek data, including resources for Arena of Fate and Warface. Again, hackers have threatened the release of more data if Crytek does not initiate negotiations.

At the moment, Ubisoft and Crytek have not reported any data leaks and have not officially commented on this news. Egregor’s threat seems all too genuine to be a stunt, so it’s probably a matter of days before the companies in question reveal any public information.