Xbox and Nintendo, Phil Spencer talks about the relationship with the Japanese giant and future ports


The head of XboxPhil Spencer, was recently interviewed by Kotaku on various topics concerning the next-gen. However, between one speech and another, there was also a way to deepen an interesting discussion, namely that of the relationship with Nintendo, which gave rise to a collaboration that led to the arrival of games such as Ori and Cuphead, originally Xbox exclusives, on Nintendo Switch.

Spencer confirmed that Microsoft and Nintendo are currently on excellent terms and that all conversations with the Japanese giant have been simple and successful. However, he also wanted to emphasize how the titles that have come to Switch so far, were special cases, exceptions and that Nintendo fans should not expect other ports on a regular basis.

In Spencer’s exact words, having each Xbox exclusive brought to Switch one by one “wouldn’t be sustainable”:

” To fully support it, I’d rather have a full Xbox ecosystem somewhere. And that most likely means things like Live, Game Pass, and more. “

The Xbox Live argument on Nintendo consoles (or PlayStation) has been the subject of rumors for some time, but to date, we have not had anything concrete to support this theory. Spencer does not want to rule out 100% the possibility of bringing their services to other platforms, but this will be a decision that will be up to Nintendo and Sony.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will arrive on the market on November 10, 2020, and will, of course, be the bastions of Xbox services. Is there the possibility of seeing these services also on Nintendo consoles in the future, perhaps in conjunction with the hypothetical Switch Pro? Or will the “good neighborly relations” between Microsoft and Nintendo be limited to ports?



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