Xbox Brazil fired a presenter who was victim of online harassment and threats


A story that makes us discuss, that of Isadora Basile, a presenter of the Xbox Brazil team who, for a long time, has announced the latest news of the brand online. The girl recently revealed her dismissal from the Xbox division, which occurred on October 16, after the girl had reported to the company the death threats, abuse, and harassment she had received in recent times.

For a long time, Isadora was attacked online by people who deemed her lacking “gamer credibility”, complaining about the webcam she worked with from home and other trivial reasons. The more “audacious” users have even gone so far as to threaten her with death, rape, and more that it is better not to report.

The girl promptly reported every single threat to the heads of the Brazilian division of Xbox but, a few days ago, the company decided to terminate the contract with Isadora, claiming it was the best decision.

The choice of Xbox Brazil is already a lot of discussion in itself, however, it seems this is not the first time that the division ends up under the inquisitive eye of the fans: years ago, in fact, the case of Mil Grau, a Youtuber with an official partnership, broke out Xbox, which continually attacked ethnic minorities and never received a single warning from the company. Only after several years and continuous reports, the team officially intervened in the affair.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait years, before knowing the version of Xbox Brazil on the Isadora affair, because a few hours ago, the team intervened with an official message, spread through their social networks:

” We have made some changes to our strategy regarding Brazilian-native content, resulting in fewer (communication) channels. We thank Isadora Basile and the agency’s talented team for their creativity and contribution to Xbox News. onwards, Xbox Wire Portal will be our only news channel. The Xbox BR channel will continue to experiment with new ways to entertain Brazilian players. “.

In other words, Xbox Brazil argues that Isadora’s dismissal is not due to constant threats received, but due to an internal restructuring of its PR channels.

Whether or not that’s true, Isadora showed in a recent interview that she still has a positive view of Microsoft, arguing that the company supports women, encourages them to advance their careers and protects them in every way possible.



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