Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series … Microsoft is already thinking about the next console


During a recent interview with KotakuPhil Spencer was able to answer a series of questions regarding Xbox Series X, the new generation, and the future of Microsoft. Among these questions, we also have one linked to a comparison with PlayStation 5, which can also be interpreted as a half confirmation for the arrival of a possible “mid-gen” console.

The new Sony console may be less powerful than the Xbox Series X, but it has an ace up its sleeve: an SSD that’s almost twice as fast as the Microsoft console. To try to remedy this gap, will Microsoft introduce a hardware update to have a console able to match the competition in speed?

Spencer’s response:

” As you have seen in past generations, we will continue to work on the hardware. We have already begun, on balance. Our team is not disappearing when we finalize the specs. We always look at the costs, that is the important thing. Lower the costs of a console with the parts you have, but also by examining the parts and choosing the areas where you can evolve with the next iterations. “.

The Xbox boss had already confirmed in previous interviews that this wasn’t going to be the last generation of consoles for Microsoft. If the next-gen consoles prove particularly long-lasting, it is highly likely that both Microsoft and Sony will decide to extend their life cycle, introducing revisions with more cutting-edge specifications.

Of course, none of this should be construed as confirmation, but Microsoft is clearly thinking about it. What do you think? Do you think we will have an Xbox Series X / S Lite or similar in the future? Or will these next-gen consoles last on their own without updates?



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