Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is only in beta but PC cheaters already make cross-play unbearable


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has officially entered beta phase and PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC players can test it without problems, complete with cross-play enabled.

Unfortunately, there is a problem, and how … on PC, the title is already infested with cheaters that are spoiling the enjoyment of players. Let’s remember: the game is currently in beta, this is not the full title, and progress will not carry over to the final game. This means that the cheaters are not cheating to get high scores, but only for pure, simple, and unmotivated trolling.

You can see these cheaters in action in various Reddit videos and topics, disseminated by the Call of Duty community. It goes without saying that even console players can run into these awkward characters with cross-play enabled. Therefore, many have decided not to take any chances and disable cross-play with the PC.

These are the statements of the console players:

” I’ve decided to turn off cross-play. I’d rather wait longer in a lobby than deal with these hacking clowns who have to hack to win a game. “, ” The first thing I did yesterday was disabled cross-play. “,” That’s why you have to disable cross-play. Honestly, I hope they add a console-only option. “,” This is why I disabled cross-play as soon as I started playing . “.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty has a very troubled history with cheaters, and these testimonials are not that dissimilar to what we’ve experienced with the launch of Modern Warfare or Warzone, both of which have been hacked since day one.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, however, tears them all up, given that the hackers have proved active even before the official launch, even going so far as to “operate” since the open beta.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Activision will try hard to fight cheaters and hackers, but will its efforts be enough to counter them?

Meanwhile, console players will continue to isolate themselves and safeguard the purity of their games. Can anyone blame them?