Shinji Mikami from Resident Evil to The Evil Within: ‘Developers are at their best around 30’


Shinji Mikami, the legendary developer best known for directing the original Resident Evil and the equally famous Resident Evil 4, recently recounted his work experience in a documentary focusing on the birth of the survival horror genre of which, to all intents and purposes, he is one of his fathers.

You form according to the experience you acquire. When you are young, you have a good sense of creating things. Your energy, your heart, and your stamina are better when you are young. However, you lack experience, so even if you have common sense, you are not mature enough to arrange and show things to the players. On the other hand, as you gain experience, you become more efficient at satisfying players. However, your abilities begin to wear off. Creating a game takes a lot of energy, a lot of time, and that affects your stamina a lot. In general, I think developers are at their best in their thirties, if you combine all the skills. I created Resident Evil 4 when I was 39, I think I’m part of that group. After forty“.

Shinji Mikami worked at Capcom for nearly 25 years, before leaving the company and creating his own studio, Straight Story. Later, he was the director of Vanquish along with Platinum Games to then found Tango Gameworks, later acquired by Zenimax, and become the father of The Evil Within series.

As we speak, Mikami is working as an executive producer on Ghostwire: Tokyo, a PS5 timed exclusive, scheduled for PC and Xbox Series X at a future date. Most likely, this will be the last title for Sony consoles, as Tango Gameworks, like all of Zenimax, was recently acquired by Microsoft, in a move worth over $ 7 billion.

” With experience, you gain a broader view of things. However, if you always want to create a perfect game, you will always keep finding flaws and will never approve of anything. For young people with little experience, they often trust their instincts. and they always think they do the best thing. As a veteran, you see risks pretty much everywhere, but you are very shortsighted. Therefore, it’s hard to have crazy ideas and put them into a project, you only see problems. But once you get over these feelings, you can deliver An amazing new title. Instead, seniors think too much and eventually start late. They spend so much time creating something perfect to try and make the right decision. In the end, things are faster when you are inexperienced. “.

In short, according to Mikami, a developer can give the best of himself with a good combination of youth, experience, and energy. Of course, although it is now beyond its own target, we bet that Ghostwire: Tokyo will turn out to be an excellent production, charged both with the madness born of a rookie developer and with the care derived from decades of experience. What do you think?