Teardown is ready for total destruction, we finally have a date for Early Access


Independent developer Dennis Gustafsson has finally announced the release date of his insane project Teardown, coming to Steam in Early Access by the end of the month, to be precise on October 29th.

In case you didn’t know it, Teardown is a kind of “robbery simulator” with a small peculiarity: the whole game world is completely destructible, with incredible physics and realism. Each map has items to collect, but the moment you get the first one, alarms, police helicopters and more will go off.

The secret to winning will be to create an optimal escape route, creating gaps in the walls, ladders of debris, makeshift bridges, and much more. The realism of the game world reaches exceptional levels once you notice all the individual details: every single hammer blow will damage buildings, metal pipes will bend under pressure, and wood will procedurally ignite. To make it even more gorgeous, Teardown will support ray tracing, for cutting-edge lighting and reflections.

Gustafsson plans to keep Teardown in Early Access for roughly a year, during which time he hopes to be able to add a community campaign and challenges.

The high interactivity of the game environments and the possibilities offered by physics, as well as the creativity of the users, could transform Teardown into a title much loved by the PC people. The premises are interesting, so we just have to wait until October 29 to discover the thoughts of the players. If you’re interested too, you can put Teardown on Steam’s wish list.