Xbox Series X / S: ‘Making console games with different specifications is additional work for developers’


Microsoft is taking a very different approach with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S , two next-gen consoles that offer different specifications at different prices for different audiences.

It’s certainly great from a consumer perspective, but for developers, who now have to consider an additional specification list when creating games, it’s additional work.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is aware of this, as one might expect, and acknowledges that it is indeed an additional workload. In an interview with Kotaku, Spencer said that although developers now have to work with different levels of performance, Microsoft has decided on this “dual console” approach to ” expand the market .”

” There’s no question about that, ” Spencer said. ” I’m not going to say that two consoles with different specifications are the same as having one console. It’s not. We are doing this because we want to expand the market .”

Xbox Series X and Series S will launch globally on November 10th.

How about?