DOOM Slayer comes alive in a beautiful LEGO set created by a fan


DOOM Eternal is preparing to receive its first DLC which will arrive tomorrow, thus celebrating a great year for the franchise. But there are those who want much more and have created a beautiful DOOM Slayer with a LEGO set .

A Reddit user chose to share their character model: I-Have-An-Alibi Redditor posted an image on the general game subreddit showing a much more “playful” version of the Slayer. The Lego form of the DOOM Slayer, or canonically known as the Doom Guy, captures the elements of both worlds with the charm of LEGO coupled with the metal influence of DOOM. I-Have-An-Alibi has chosen to attack the two weapons most associated with the Doom Slayer, namely the Slayer’s iconic double-barreled shotgun and retractable DoomBlade.

While the Reddit post shows only four photos of this “action figure”, the work done is evident at a glance too. While I-Have-No-Alibi didn’t explain how the DOOM Slayer was converted to LEGO, it appears to be a custom job rather than a 3D printing project. Anyway, without further ado we leave you to the vision of this set.

We remind you that the DOOM Eternal DLC, The Ancient Gods, will be available from tomorrow 20 October.