Half-Life 2 meets Cyberpunk 2077 in G String, a very ambitious mod and available now


After 12 years, it was published the ambitious mod G String of Half-Life 2. Turning the classic FPS game into a mix between Cyberpunk 2077 and Blade Runner, the mod promises a large-scale action-adventure game that explores a future destroyed by climate change.

The project, available on Steam, swaps Gordon Freeman for Myo Hyori, a Korean teenager who lives on a planet Earth ruled by the North American Union after environmental destruction irrevocably altered Earth’s habitat. In his trusty biological suit, he explores a huge metropolis, locked in a world that continues to disintegrate. The rich and the privileged live in space colonies, while the rest struggle under an oppressive regime.

” This is a cyberpunk-inspired first-person shooter with environmental puzzles and a long, detailed single-player campaign focused on story and world-building, ” reads the description on Steam. ” G String aims for an old-school approach and your biological suit automatically tracks your health stats, ammo count, and armor condition .”

Below is the trailer of the mod:

Although creator Eyaura did most of the work solo, he received assistance from Valve itself, although the role played by the company is not specified. G String is available on Steam.

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