PS4 and Party Changes Criticism: Sony will listen to fan feedback


Sony has introduced substantial changes to the Party system on PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5) with the 8.0.0 update. In fact, the company decided to merge the Party and Messages app, allowing you to communicate with friends in a variety of different ways. The problem is that this change comes at the expense of the simplicity of the previous system, and many were a little surprised that it made it through the prototyping phase.

After several days of strong criticism, the company told fans on Twitter that it is listening to their feedback.

” We just wanted to let you know that we are looking into your feedback on the recent changes to the Party on PS4. We will keep you updated .”

This is Sony’s message, so there are no solutions proposed at the moment, but hopefully, a way can be found to satisfy gamers. Eventually, something will have to change, as players are not happy with the changes introduced this week.

What do you think of the new party system?