PS5 ‘only one month left!’


We are getting closer and closer to the next-gen as a few weeks separate us from the release of Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 . The Sony console in Italy will arrive on November 19 and for the occasion, the Twitter account of PlayStation Italia publishes a reminder for all players in case they have forgotten: today there is a month left.

By now we know a lot of things about PlayStation 5: from the reveal event that showed the design of the console to its video teardown that allowed us to take a look at the various internal components, the technical specifications, arriving last week to share a world preview the new user interface.

We also know that two versions of PlayStation 5 will be available: the first will have disc support and will cost 499 euros, while the second will be an all-digital version and will cost 399 euros. In short, the fans therefore only have to wait these thirty and long days before they can finally get their hands on Sony’s next-gen console.