PS5 resurrects one of the most iconic PlayStation ‘bugs’


The reveal of the PlayStation 5 user interface published last week also revealed a particular and iconic bug already present on PlayStation devices. This is the legendary ‘problem’ on PlayStation 3 that showed the controller charging right above the clock.

This bug was then fixed in 2009 thanks to the firmware update 3.00 when Sony announced the fix as part of its patch notes: ” When you press the PS button, the battery life indicator will no longer cover the clock. “. Many have rejoiced from its resolution, however, it seems that the iconic bug is now present on the next-gen console.

In the video of the user interface, at minute 1:38, you can see how the battery icon of the controller appears right above the clock for a few seconds. So is this a sort of Easter Egg dedicated to longtime fans or a company oversight? We just have to wait and see if this bug will be present in the final version of the PlayStation 5 operating system.

We remind you that in Italy, PlayStation 5 will arrive on November 19. By the way: have you taken a look at the DualSense in the “Total Black” version?