PS5, Xbox Series X / S and € 80 games: ‘not all publishers could raise the price’

As we know, several publishers have decided to increase the price of next-gen titles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series. It all started with NBA 2K21, later Activision also revealed a price increase for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, up to Sony, whose first-party titles will cost more.

Many believe this will be pretty much the standard for all publishers, but according to analyst Michael Pachter, that’s not true. During an interview, Pachter suggested that publisher price increases do not necessarily indicate the beginning of an industry trend and that price increases will instead depend more on the list price of the various titles.

” The increase in the cost of a game really depends on what the console’s recommended price for the games is, ” Pachter said. ” Microsoft has been pretty clear with Smart Delivery, which allows you to upgrade a game to the next-gen version for free. So if Smart Delivery is free, unless Microsoft raises the price of current-generation games from $ 60 to $ 70, his games can’t cost $ 70 and the same goes for next-gen titles. “

” I think 2K will price their game at $ 70 to shock customers. And I understand that it’s worth it, I understand that inflation is one thing, and that game prices haven’t gone up in years. But the fact is. is that, if the owners of the platform do not suggest a price of $ 70, third-party publishers will seem greedy by asking for an extra $ 10. So I don’t think everyone will charge $ 70 for a game, “said the analyst.

We just have to wait for the release of the two consoles (Xbox Series X / S will arrive on November 10 while PS5 on November 19 in Italy) and next-gen games to understand what is the publisher’s trend.