Square Enix and the impact of COVID-19: ‘we couldn’t develop anything’


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all sectors hard and not even the gaming industry has been spared, from a certain point of view. In the period of the lockdown, in reality, the video game sector has grown a lot but the development of titles was undermined by social distancing, which forced the studios to work remotely.

Among these studies, we also find Square Enix, the developer of Final Fantasy. In this specific case, the company’s CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, said he was very concerned about the fate of the sector in an interview with the Financial Times (via ResetEra ).

Matsuda confirmed that during the period of total blocks the industry has experienced growth but the production of new projects and games has “frozen”.

” The impact on production has been strong and will have consequences in the future. We have seen positive effects on what we are already selling, but the production has frozen. We have not been able to develop anything .”

The situation is rather worrying according to the CEO, but not all productions have totally stalled. The development has certainly slowed down and we have seen this with the numerous game postponements expected for this year.

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