Acer Global Press Conference: here’s when to see it


Acer is ready to show the new line of hardware products that will expand the brands that compose it. On October 21st at 3:00 pm Italian time, the Tapei company invites us to the Global Press Conference, which you can follow on the official Acer Youtube channel, where we will be able to see the new concept products and the tools to stay connected even from a distance.

“Technology has always been considered a form of isolation and social distance. In this period, however, anyone has realized that technology actually helps to stay connected in every situation, whether you have to create a very important project or are learning to cook a delicious dish for the first time “. With these words, the Taiwanese manufacturer launches the message of how new hardware can help us in every area, from professional to social.

During the conference we will be shown how with the help of technology it is easily possible to fight isolation and remain connected even at a distance, bringing to the fore the new concept line, consisting of fixed and portable PCs designed to give maximum performance in the professional field, from the development of 2D creations to 3D rendering.

The new monitors that will expand the Predator line family will also be shown, designed, and studied for gamers, products to be absolutely kept an eye on in view of the arrival of the new next-gen consoles and new video cards from NVIDIA and AMD. thanks to natively integrated support for NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync.