Fallout 76 has improved but you are not convinced? Try it for free for a week


Here comes the Bombs Day and to celebrate, Fallout 76 is free on all platforms this week! Players will be able to participate in limited-time in-game events, including a Legendary Sale, and access a preview of Fallout 1st, in-game discounts, deals on Atom Packs, and more.

All the details in the official Bethesda release:

Free week

From October 20-26, players can play Fallout 76 for free! The base game, Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter are included. After starting the game, if the user decides to purchase the game at the end of the free week, all progress and purchases in the Atomic Shop made during the week will be maintained. Find out more about the free play week here.

Events in play

There will be three events in play from October 22-26. Earn Double XP and SCORE and a 25% discount on Legendary Weapons and Armor from the Collector at Rusty Pickaxe in the Ashes.

A limited preview of Fallout 1st

Players can try Fallout 1st thanks to the free preview. To do this, just log in from October 20 to 26 and find the Fallout 1st Limited Preview item in the Atomic Shop: you will have access to some of the features offered by the subscription