Pokémon Sapphire was completed by … four fish!


Japanese YouTube user Mutekimaru Channel was already known this summer for connecting his fish Mutekimaru to sensors, filming him playing Pokémon Ruby. Well, at the time the little fish had conquered two gyms, but now it seems that things have evolved.

Now the YouTuber has shown in the last video, four fish playing Pokémon Sapphire: the four pets were replaced every 12 hours and the team overall took a total of 3,184 hours to complete Pokémon Sapphire (around 132 days to be exact). . That’s a pretty impressive feat given that this was the result of creatures having no idea what a video game is.

Many have tuned in to take a look at the little fish that “play” without them knowing a Pokémon title. However, the streaming of Pokémon Sapphire started on June 8 of this year and ended on November 6.



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